Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) is a scientific practical journal which is a leading scientific edition on Ophthalmology in Ukraine. It was founded by the outstanding world famous scientist academician Vladimir Filatov. Its editing was a very important event for ophthalmologists of Ukraine as well as the whole former Soviet Union.

Before 1946 there was the only periodical – monthly journal “Vestnik Oftalmologii” (“Ophthalmologic Record”) which was founded by the Head of Eye Diseases Department, professor A.V.Khodin in 1884. “Vestnik Oftalmologii” had been publishing for 20 years in Kiev before its editorial office moved to Moscow. That Journal couldn’t place all articles coming from eye doctors and scientists from all over the USSR. That’s why scientific achievements of a great practical importance went off among various medical periodicals and were too late in printing; so the further progress of ophthalmic science was inhibited. Considering the need for medicine achievements in blindness and vision invalidity fighting to be published timely, it was decided a new periodical to be founded. Thus the first issue of Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) was out of print in Odesa in spring 1946. The founder and the editor-in-chief of the specialized ophthalmic journal was V.P.Filatov. Vladimir Filatov put a lot of efforts and energy to create a new journal especially in post-war years. He remained the editor-in-chief the whole his life. His deputies were professor S.F.Kalfa and professor V.N.Arkhangelskii. The editorial board members were professor A.G.Vasyutynskii, professor I.O. Danylevskii, professor I.I.Merkulov, professor S.V. Sukhov. After V.P.Filatov’s death in 1956 the editor-in-chief was academician Nadezhda Puchkovskaya since 1996 – professor Ivan Logai. Since 2004 member-correspondent of National Academy of Medical Sciences Nataliya Pasyechnikova has been the editor-in-chief of the Journal. The executive secretaries were professor I.G.Yershkovich from 1946 to 1954, professor L.D.Dancheva from 1954 to 1977, V.M.Nepomyashchaya, PhM from 1977 to 2000. Since 2000 S.I.Polyakova, MD has been the executive secretary. The editorial board included famous ophthalmologists such as F.I. Yusefova, S.P.Petrunya, D.G.Bushmich, V.Ye.Shevalev, L.M.Kuryshkin, I.A.Korenevych, O.O.Katorgina, I.S.Cherkasov, S.V.Filatov, T.V.Shlopak, R.K.Marmur, D.F.Ivanov, M.A.Penkov, N.M.Sergiyenko, P.A.Bezditko, G.Yu.Venger, Yo.R.Saldan, A.M.Petrunya.

Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) is a scientific practical journal and designed for both scientific departments and institutions and numerous practitioners. The main goal of editorial board has always been timely publishing the information on the latest eye diseases diagnosis and treatment, and research findings and news in Ophthalmology. For years editors have been constantly looking for ways to improve the Journal’s quality and content and to increase scientific and practical value of papers published. Since the very beginning the Journal has been of great interest among ophthalmologists. From year to year its popularity has been growing.  Since 1958 the Editorial Council has been functioning in the Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) It is a consultative body to promote social activity and Journal responsibility, relevance and effectiveness of its publications. The Editorial Council includes highly qualified specialists, outstanding scientists, and experienced healthcare professionals. Since 1958 Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) has had the additional content list in English. Since 1959 all the articles have been accompanied with summary in English. The Journal grew up in quality, size and circulation and earned a great reputation among ophthalmologists; and equally the oldest “Ophthalmologic Record” it became required and favorite one. The value of the Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) is that it responds quickly to new treatments, new research methods and informs the readers. It is facilitated by the existence of the own huge scientific research basis – the Filatov Institute. The main scope set by V.P.Filatov remains the same. The Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) attends to keroplastic, glaucoma, eye traumas, tissue therapy, neuroophthalmology and other aspects of Ophthalmology. The Journal has such sections as original articles, review articles, literature reviews, to help the practitioner, the list of theses passed, reports of congresses, conferences, sessions and meetings as well as reports of Ophthalmologic Societies of Ukraine. At the regional meetings of Ophthalmological Societies they used to discuss and peer reviewed the certain issues of the Journal. Propositions and statements were sent to the editorial board and considered in the further work. Geography of the authors was rather wide. About 50-60% of articles were of Ukrainian ophthalmologists and 45-50% of other republics and later on independent states, mostly of Russia. Being the only specialized periodical in Ukraine Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) was and remains to be of a great importance for development and skills improving of ophthalmologists in our country.

However after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 90s the Journal had a hard time financially not receiving grants from the government. The cost of paper, printing and postage services increased enormously therefore the subscription price rose. Besides, there were subscription difficulties in former Soviet republics. Thus its periodicity and circulation were down. Editorial Board and Council made everything possible to continue the Journal’s editing. Being one of the oldest periodicals on Ophthalmology, the editors extended publications quality and quantity in accordance with the up-to-date requirements. The style of the Journal was changed; its scope was widened. It informed about the latest scientific and technical achievements, new editions, know-how technologies, ophthalmic reviews of Ukraine and foreign countries and other ophthalmology related subjects.

The aim of the Journal publishing is development of scientific potential in the field of ophthalmology, supporting scientists and junior researchers, whose work makes contribution in the development of Ukrainian statehood. Articles of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, residents and students are published in the Journal as well as the materials of scientific conferences.